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About Kunwar's Global

Welcome To Our School

Kunwar's Global, is the first international school of its kind in Lucknow. The school will play an important role in preparing community leaders in the field of science, arts, business, industry, politics and sports. At Kunwar's Global School, we aim at making children capable of becoming responsible and productive members of a global society. Here knowledge, skills and attitudes are inculcated in children through learning experiences and opportunities created for them in the school. It is in the class room that learners can analyze and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and are driven to think independently. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at the Kunwar's Global School.

Our School Values:

  • • To achieve excellence in academic.
  • • To uphold, integrity, charity, courtesy, and respect for self and others
  • • To generate qualities of acceptance, peaceful co-existence and tolerance.
  • • To abide by the constitution of the nation and respect its ideal and institutions.
  • • To promote harmony.





Mission & Vision

Make every moment count and inspire your highest potential
• To achieve excellence in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits and fostering lifelong learning
• To uphold, integrity, charity, courtesy, and respect for self and others
• To generate qualities of acceptance, peaceful co-existence and tolerance.
• To abide by the constitution of the nation and respect its ideal and institutions, the national flag and the national anthem.
• To promote harmony, spirit of unity and brotherhood amongst global citizens transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities in order to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity that leads to even higher levels of performance.

Chairman's Message

There are certain facts that are universal and are least likely to change. Like them it is also a fact that a child is considered to be a representative of God. He stands for purity, innocence and unbound potential yet as parents and grown-ups we often fail to recognize the same in the hustle of earning bread and butter. If we realize this failure of ours and, taking correct measures let the child become fortunate by letting him come under the guidance of a true educator where he is not only a 'roll number' but an individual who is not devoid of intelligence & wisdom like other brilliant students, if we enhance his capability by breaking the traditional barrier of judging him through a report card, the day is not far when he will grow into an individual with a strong vision and mission of life, he will feel free to make a right choice and opt for a profession that is socially and economically relevant. Kunwar's Global is such a choice that I'm sure will reveal the true potential of everyone whosoever becomes a part of it, whether they are the faculty members or the highly capable children of today. I'm hopeful that Lucknow will feel proud of the existence of a school that has taken birth out of a commitment of giving the best to the society and not merely make loads of profit. We've stepped in with a purpose to make a difference because we believe - "To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care enough and be there".

Warm Regards,
Rajesh Singh



Principal's Message

Alfred Lord Tennyson - "Old order changeth, yielding place to new". Welcome to Kunwar's Global School, a school that believes that "Great changes in the destiny of a mankind can be affected only in the minds of little children". In this competitive world, no amount of effort is sufficient, there is always something more to achieve. The desires, ambition, passions are unlimited. We need to hone our potential and deliver it at its best with the time and situation. Abraham Lincoln wonderfully said "Whatever You are, Be a Good One". I firmly believe that the success of a school is directly proportional to the happiness quotient of its stakeholders. I would prefer Kunwar's Global School to be called a home of happy students and staff rather than being identified only with the success stories of a few individuals. We will all work with unbridled enthusiasm if we collectively create an environment where unnecessary pressure and stress do not impede our progress. We are a team of learners, working together to enlighten the young minds that are wrapped in dreams. Children are a bundle of talents, we help them untie the ribbion. We aim at making our students market - ready, unmasking to the world their capacity of hardwork and boundless knowledge. The seeds of discipline that are sown in the hearts and minds of our students, help them to germinate into the torch-bearers of tomorrow as people who are accustomed to success. The inhabitants of Kunwar's Global School are fortunate to be living in an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and an all round growth. While academics form the core of our curricular structure here, the importance of sports and other activities is never undermined. The school provides new vistas of growth where children can bloom and exploit their individual potential in myriad ways. As the instructional leader of Kunwar's Global School, I have great moral, ethical, and legal obligations where all students can achieve their full potential and receive an equal opportunity to succeed in society. I come to Kunwar's Global School with a dream to place it among the top schools globally. This dream can only come true if I succeed in inculcating the Learners Attribute of Values, attitudes, motivation, empathy, knowledge and skills in each of my students through a strong team of teachers. I seek blessings and support of all the stakeholders in accomplishing the vision and the mission of Kunwar's Global School.

Warm Regards,
Anupama Gustav




About The Group

The group conducts all its initiatives with a deep sense of commitment - commitment to quality, to schedules and most of all to our clients. The 'Dayal Group' needs no introduction in Lucknow & Varanasi in the trade. Business activities started about a decade back, because of the persistent, innovative and dynamic efforts of Mr. Rajesh Singh who is the MD of Dayal Group and Chairman of Kunwar's Global School. He was born and brought up in the holy city of Varanasi. He grew with healthy pure and pious tradition of family to work hard and honestly. After post graduation from Lucknow University, he worked hard to get this stage but he never lost hope and embarked on a new venture, a project to provide shelter to needy at much cheaper rates than what development authorities are giving to people in the holy city of Varanasi. His second venture of shops and flats in Varanasi was a great success. The company is working with the trade name - Dayal Group. Rajesh Singh is the Managing Director, the who organized the entire things in such a professional way with his past experiences that the group today stands poised as the leading and most recognized business group in India. A person who needs no introduction, Mr Rajesh Singh has been constantly working hard towards the sustainable development of the society by creating new opportunities, employment for youth and constant welfare of the society. A renowned social activist, his commitment to the society has indeed helped thousands of poor and backward families live a better life. A true visionary with a vision to provide free access to Education for all, Mr Rajesh Singh provides Free Education to 25 percent of the total strength at Kunwar’s Global School to students belonging to backward and under privileged strata of society . Beginning with a small house colony project in Varanasi in the late 90s and now after six years the group is today considered, as a promote of the best quality of housing colony and commercial premises in both the cities. Till date the group has completed residential colonies, commercial premises and one of the biggest A.C. shopping complex with residential apartments. For more details please visit: Dayal Group Website

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2014, we further implemented our CSR strategy under Kunwar's Educational Foundation and aligning it with our core business and responding to global trends in our industry as well as to the request and feedback received from our employees, associates/candidates, our clients, suppliers and the broader public. We are convinced that success only can be achieved in the long-term when taking into account the three dimension of sustainability:    • Economic • Social • Environmental

Our goal is to integrate all economic, social and environmental aspects into one strategy that fulfills the requirements of each of the three dimensions without compromising on any one of them.
" The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you "

----- B.B. King -----
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