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Eco Friendly Boarding School

Posted On August 31 , 2019

Kunwar's Global School is a premier institution in the city of Nawabs with a strong international reflection that is reflected in its Go Green inspired architecture. Nestled between beautiful lawns and gardens planted with exotic flowers complimenting them, the School provides comprehensive and a 360-degree education for it's students In a span of 5 years the School has created a new heights in the global platform by creating innovative practises to become the best CBSE School in Lucknow. The school has also gained global recognition with reputation of being the best Boarding school in Lucknow. Our Faculty aims to maintain balance between scholarship and education. Our school academic results have consistently reflected our mission of enabling, encouraging and promising each and every child to initiate a practise of a globally accepted career and get success in life in the future.

Holistic Development of Students

Posted On September 2 , 2019

Kunwar's Global School strives to provide education founded on excellence and to create the widest range of opportunities for the complete development of students. Kunwar's Global School infuses creative thoughts and ideas in it's students. Teaching is imparted which is beyond the regular classroom curriculum to sow the seeds of social commitment, nationalism and social responsibilities in students. The core values of sharing and caring as well as leadership qualities are taught right from the early classes so that students at Kunwar's Global School have the qualities of being worthy and responsible citizens in the future.

"Education"- Profitable Business or Social Responsibility?

Posted On September 24 , 2019

Off late, we see the mushrooming of thousands of advanced and new-age schools opening around the country year after year. International schools, best curriculum, and ultra-modern teaching methods are always advertised, along with promises to make your child into the next Einstein, Mozart or Tendulkar. The upper strata of the society who can afford such schools, enroll their kids there without any hesitance. While other parents face anxiety whether their child in a traditional school will ever make it in their life. ... Today considered as one of the most favorable businesses that yield great profits, Education is not limited to schools and colleges and Institutions, it the now the most sought after successful business models for entrepreneurs. However, the Education system should ideally not be considered as a business rather a system which creates value for our society. It should nourish confidence in each and every kid or individual to live his life on his own terms independently. The government proposes so many schemes to provide education accessible for everyone however the efforts of the government is not only sufficient. Corporates and Business Houses should take initiatives to infuse support for the cause. Today, education in India is facing the rising challenges of standardized testing, constrained budgets, teacher retention, and global workforce competition. It becomes the social responsibility of organizations, Corporates, and Business Houses to provide every possible support in making the system more streamlined and successful. Under CSR activities, many times the charitable efforts that have been undertaken by companies have little to do with their core product or business practices like ONGC’s support for Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign. There are also companies that promote CSR activities in the area of their own expertise, like Infosys’s Support for Computers@Classrooms initiative that has been consistently trying to create values in recent time. As the companies are essentially guided by the profit motive, uncertainties arise that either these initiatives would be unsustainable or they are just a marketing gimmick. Substantially the CSR in India has witnessed an increase in education spending over the last three years. Education and skill development together witnessed the largest increase in allocation as the amount spent on this sector has increased in recent times. So it shows that the corporates have been driving every possible effort in helping the government with education advancement. At Kunwar’s Educational Foundation we believe in the giving it back to the society what we have earned from it. With zero profit initiative, we run such programs that aim at providing free and accessible education to the underprivileged section of the society. Kunwar’s Global School operated under the Foundation provides free education to more than 25 percent of the total strength of the school to the backward and underprivileged section.

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" What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education "

----- Mahatma Gandhi -----
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