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Studio of Intelligence

A classroom is not an empty space merely meant to be filled with the patter of young footsteps, the hush of their attention and the scratching of their pens. It is a live space meant to inspire inspire that makes it the best English medium school in Lucknow. A space alive with possibility, where young minds feel encouraged to explore, discover and learn. At Kunwar's Global, we have separate Studios Of Intelligence conceived as separate labs for science & language learning installed with digital smart equipment to facilitate easy learning through the 'do and learn' model. It also has a well equipped library with a large selection of books, including works of fiction and non-fiction, magazines, periodicals, newspapers etc. Library has the facility of online search, access to internet and e-mail etc.

Beyond Academics

Beyond the stretch of classes there is a world of experiences and learning that serve as food for the soul. With a vision to stand amongst the best CBSE schools in India. At Kunwar's Global music, both western (classical and Indian) will be a part of what we offer our students, further, to strengthen the cultural and aesthetic values among the students, we also provide ample opportunities to our students in the field of dance ( classical and western) and art & craft. With the projection of performance arena we have fully air conditioned school auditorium with the seating capacity of more than 1500 people gives optimum exposure to our students for dance, drama, theatre and other co - curricular activities make s Kumar’s Global School the best boarding school in Lucknow

Boarding & Accommodation

At Kunwar's Global we understand how important it is for a child to realize certain space as a home that is warm, inviting and comforting. Our boarding house provides a stimulating and supportive environment making it the best boarding school in Lucknow. The students are housed in comfortable large airy rooms, with optimum natural light, air conditioning and recreational arrangements, accommodating 4 students in a room with separate reading space. House parents are responsible for the overall development & hygiene of the students falling under their responsibility with a very vital role of nurturing and encouraging each pupil and also monitor their social development. The school provides for year-round welfare and support activities allowing pupils to have an enhanced residential life experience at home away from home which aims at making Kunwar’s Global School the best top day boarding school in Lucknow

Cafeteria & Dining

The Refectorio -The dining hall is centrally air-conditioned with start of architecture built over a huge area that can accommodate more than 500 students dining at one go. The Refectorio serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Elegant designs and interiors add to the applauding and welcoming ambience to make it one of the best school in Lucknow . The Refectorio fulfills both Indian and various other cuisines distinguishing it amongst other private schools in Lucknow. The menu card is selected by professional dieticians and prepared within the campus conserving strict quality parameters. Fruit juices, healthy soups and eggs are the important part of the menu and helps students stay healthy and fit Keeping in mind the sentiments, there are seperate cooking areas for veg & non veg. Mechanical dish washers and waste disposal systems guarantee a hygienic experience.

Transport Facility

Kunwar's Global School offers comfortable and well-designed fleet of fleet of CNG buses for its students making it the top k12 school in Lucknow . All the buses and other transport means have a designated experienced support staff who conduct the job of receiving and dropping the students at their respective pickup and drop points, across different bus routes. The buses are designed and run on routes in a way to maintain the ultimate safety and security of every child. We take all transport security measures for our children to safeguard their parent’s interests which makes them feel delighted to have their children studying in the best private school in Lucknow.Parents are advised to avail school transport only as it is supported and monitored by one of the best school in India.

Safety & Security

Kunwar’s Global School has zero tolerance for security. Industry best security team are on board to provide best security to our children. The whole campus is under 24/7 surveillance using day and night high end CCTV camera. The security team in the control room is always ready to tackle any breach and deal with it instantly. Kunwar's Global has engaged the services of a highly professional security team which is essential to become the best English medium school in Lucknow. They are in charge of handling the security needs of the school. Entry to the school is restricted and monitored. The security measures at the school are infallible.

" Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new "

----- Albert Einstein -----
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