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Sports Policy

Sports Policy

Rationale the aim of offering broad participation in sports at Kunwar's Global is to nurture the personal development of our students. Participation in sports is an educational activity. We want all students to be involved in team sports for the lifelong physical, psychological, social and personal benefits that such participation can bring. It is particularly important to encourage students to engage in organised sporting activities to take care of the initial low levels of measured physical fitness and motor skills.

The standard of competition in many sports continues to improve. Physical and mental preparation for competition is both intense and of longer duration. Adequate preparation and regular training are required to maintain and enhance our competitiveness. Player satisfaction in sports is important. Commitment to the sports program by students and parents needs to be maintained and strengthened.

Objectives of sports policy:

  • • To raise the general fitness level of our students.
  • To inculcate the values of cooperation, integrity, tolerance, trust, respect for rules and regulations and the possibility of each individuals action influence and participation
  • To foster competitive spirit among our students.
  • To help them demonstrate courage, determination, flexibility and sportsmanship all the time.
  • To provide for leadership and generate an interest in physical education and wellness strategies.
  • Supply a qualified coach for every sport.
  • Improve the level of expertise of our coaches.
  • Increase the frequency and intensity of our coaching/training sessions.
  • Improve the attendance of students at sports fixtures and at training sessions.